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The Basics

How does My Garden Box work?
My Garden Box is our opportunity to design and deliver a custom crafted collection of plants and goods to worthy gardeners. We take that honor seriously. We have no membership fee, and no minimum commitment.

Can I skip a month?
You can skip any month’s delivery in advance or cancel at any time. We’ve designed our subscription service to offer you the best. And we’ll do all of this at the affordable price of $29.50 per shipment plus tax (Fl residents) and shipping. Our garden boxes ship mid-month. If you want to send it as a gift, you can choose our gifting option (1, 3 or 12 month subscriptions) and specify when the recipient is notified. Please Contact Us with any changes to your subscription.

What is included in each box?
Each month our growers and staff put together a special gardening collection just for you. We include up to three live plants or bulbs that we’ve grown; as well as various care, maintenance, and/or decor items from our parent company http://www.SantaRosaGardens.com

How do you select the plants for each box?
The collections our gardeners and growers assemble are seasonally relevant and Hardiness Zone accurate. We've been shipping live plants for over 25 years and it shows in how we package every box. The plants select for each box will vary with the season and destination Hardiness Zone.

Can I purchase it just once instead of subscribing?

Yes. We offer a single-purchase option. It will ship when our regular subscriptions ship, mid-month.

I don’t know anything about plants, is My Garden Box for me?

We are passionate about plants and gardening. We believe in sharing this passion with anyone willing to dig in the dirt with us. If you don’t know a lot about plants and want to learn more, My Garden Box gives you the perfect opportunity.

I’m a garden pro, is My Garden Box for me?
Absolutely. This is a great opportunity to enjoy plants and garden accessories you might never have heard of or tried before. Our collections are carefully designed to be both beginner-friendly and seasoned gardener satisfying.

Can I choose my plants and garden accessories?
At this point My Garden Box is a hand-chosen mix of products. If you would like to make one-time purchases of A La Carte selections, you can do so in that section of our website. Or visit http://www.SantaRosaGardens.com for a wider selection of one-time purchase plants and garden accessories.

What do I do if I want more of the plants that are in my My Garden Box?
You may find that you would like more of the same plants that you received in your box. No problem. You can find them in our online garden shop http://www.SantaRosaGardens.com and can purchase them by the individual pot.

Can I give My Garden Box to someone as a gift?
Absolutely! My Garden Box makes a great gift. We recommend using our gift option, which allows you to enter a personal message and delivery date for a notification email sent to the recipient. Please note that our shipments take place mid-month.

Placing an Order

What’s the difference between a subscription and a one time purchase?
If you purchase a My Garden Box subscription, you will receive a shipment each month and your credit card will be charged each month automatically. If you purchase a My Garden Box as a one time purchase, your garden box will be mailed to the address you specify one time and your credit card will be charged once. Subscribing can save up to $6 per shipment. Please note that all garden boxes are shipped mid-month.

Can I cancel my automatic order?
Yes, please Contact Us to cancel or make changes to your subscription. It is very helpful to us if you provide the billing name and order number. Note that if you are cancelling after the first of the month, you will still receive that month's box. You must cancel before the end of the month to stop receiving the next month's box.

When do I get charged?
Your first order will be charged immediately. If you’ve signed up for a monthly subscription, your card will be charged on the first of each month going forward. If you signed up for three- or twelve-month subscriptions, you will be charged the full discounted price at the time of order.

Shipping & Delivery

Do I need to be present when my shipment arrives?
We do not require a signature for delivery. My Garden Box is delivered during the work week, so if you’ll be at the office we recommend having it delivered there.

Is the shipping cost included?
Shipping charges are NOT included in the monthly price. They will be added on at checkout. We also add applicable Florida sales tax for our in-state customers.

How much does shipping cost?
Our 2017 shipping rates are $12.99 per monthly shipment. Our average shipping costs are actually more than that, but we're very driven to bring you these great gardening products in as timely a service as possible.

Can I recycle my My Garden Box packaging?
Yes, and we hope you will. We’re committed to using recyclable products, so please break down your box and dispose of it in your recycling bin.

When will my My Garden Box ship?
Our boxes ship mid-month. This includes subscriptions, one-time purchases and gifts. Delivery times will vary according to the destination.

How will I know when my My Garden Box is on it’s way?

We will send you an email notification letting you know that your My Garden Box has been shipped. It will contain a tracking code, so you can stay abreast of the expected delivery date.

How long will the plants keep in the box?
We recommend opening your My Garden Box right when you receive it. The plants will be tired from their trip and ready for some fresh air and a drink of water.

Where do you ship?
We ship within the contiguous United States. We're able to ship plants into most states with the exception of AZ, due to their agricultural restrictions. Those in AZ may still purchase garden accessories from our a-la-carte section of our website or visit http://www.SantaRosaGardens.com for additional gardening products.

Gift Subscriptions

Most gardeners we know loves two things: plants + presents. So why not put them both together. The items in the gift boxes are the same as our regular subscription boxes but the difference is that you, the gift giver will only be charged once. Here's how you can quickly place a gift subscription order for anyone special in your life.

How to place an order for a Gift Subscription

1. Go to MyGardenBox.shop
2. Click on the ‘Give’ link
3. Select the subscription plan you wish to purchase (a 1-, 3-, or 12-month plan)
4. Check ‘show gift options during checkout’
5. Enter a message to recipient
6. Register/Sign up for an Account
7. Fill out the Payment/Shipping info
8. Click Place Order
9. BOOM you're done!

How can I place a corporate gift order?

Interested in gifting My Garden Box(es) to your fellow employees? Hooray for sharing your love of gardening!

For all questions about bulk and corporate gift orders, please email sales@santarosagardens.com

Will my gift subscription renew?

No, for My Garden Box gift subscription plans you will only be charged once for your gift subscription. It will not automatically renew!

Will you send a gift note to the recipient?

Not everybody likes surprises after all.

If you want them to know about the gift, you can send them a note while placing the order. Just fill out the section labeled: Gift Notes (or enter in Order Comments).

If you provide a recipient email address during checkout (ship to information), then your gift note message will be sent via email to the gift recipient. Otherwise, it will accompany the My Garden Box delivery.

If you want the gift to be a surprise, leave the gift note text box blank.

Does my gift subscription expire?

Yay for receiving a gift subscription, someone must think you’re really awesome!

But to answer your question, Yes, your gift subscription automatically expires after you receive your last box.

But don’t be sad! You can re-subscribe here!

If you're not sure when your gift subscription ends, feel free to send us an email at sales@santarosagardens.com. We’re happy to look up the End Date on your gift subscription.