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Paperwhite 'Ziva' Narcissus


Product Description

The all-time favorite bulb for indoor forcing is the Paperwhite Narcissus. Large clusters of pure white flowers arch above graceful, blue-green foliage, and their sweet, musky perfume fills a room with fragrance. The bulbs do not need to be pre-cooled. Plant them directly into bowls with pebbles or soil for indoor displays. Paperwhites are also a great holiday gift idea for your gardening friends. In warmer climates, paperwhites can be planted in the garden. Attractively packaged with bulbs, container (will vary slightly in shape and color), soil, topper, and complete growing instructions. Height: 16" in bloom Bloom Time: Force Indoors November through March Packaged: 1 bag with 5 bulbs (15/17 cm size) Ships: Ready to ship late-November until sold-out

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