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How Our Clubs Work

When you sign up for a My Garden Box subscription box, you will receive a monthly box of carefully selected products and plants. We believe that every plant has a story, so you'll also receive fun and useful information about your plants. Choose from a variety of boxes that fit your style. We think you'll love your boxes, but you're always welcome to cancel or skip a month at any time. Don't want fun plants every month? Check out our garden shop for some unique one-time plants & gifts.

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Our Favorites!

In addition to subscription boxes, we love selling unique plants and cool containers direct from our greenhouse to your front door.

Check out our best selling plants, containers & gifts in our online garden shop. We think you'll love them too!



The Plant Club


Every plant has a story and with so many plants in the world, there is always a new plant story to discover. Join today and take a trip around the world of plants!


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