How It Works

When you sign up for a My Garden Box, each month you will receive a box of carefully selected products and plants. We believe that every plant has a story, so you'll also receive fun and useful information about your plants. Choose from a variety of plant boxes that fit your style. 


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My Garden Box

Includes everything you need to build relaxing and rewarding plant projects. With visually illustrated instructions, simple garden care tips, and properly portioned ingredients. Assembly is fun & easy, offering just the right amount of DIY! 


The Plant Club

Celebrate new Plant Stories with us each month! We lovingly pack your monthly plant box to arrive safely at your door. Every plant has a story and with so many plants in the world, there's so many plant stories to discover! We include our feature plant of the month along with your complete 'Plant Story'. In addition, your monthly membership box comes with an id tag, goodie kit, soil and decorative pot.  


Succulents Monthly

From their quirky forms to their easy care, succulents spread joy and it's our privilege to share them with you.  Each month, you'll receive our featured succulent selection, along with easy-to-follow care and assembly instructions, as well as curious facts about and fun descriptions of your new succulent variety.   We include plant care and detail about your succulent along with an id tag, goodie kit, soil and decorative pot.


Air Plant Box

Three amazing premium air plants shipped directly to you every month!  The Air Plant Box includes a blend of specialty air plants like clumps, hybrids, rare specimens, and hard to find varieties.  Every box includes id cards and care instructions to ensure your air plants thrive in their new home.


House Plant Box

Each month, you'll receive a beautiful and unique plant selection direct from our greenhouses. Inspiration comes in its own way. Each plant is selected based on a host of criteria including coloration, character, foliage, form, seasonality, and diversity. We include plant care and information with each monthly plant. 


Tikes Garden Box

Monthly boxes contain everything kids need to assemble and grow little themed gardens: herbs & fruit plants, perennials, houseplants, aquatics, and much more.  The Tikes Garden Box is an opportunity for kids to learn and grow through gardening while engaging their natural curiosity and wonder. But above all, the Tikes Garden Box is just plain fun!  


Plants Make You Happier...

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things, or things you love naturally improves your mood. Perhaps having something to take care of such as a plant, and seeing it grow and bloom positively affects our overall well-being. Whatever the reason, caring for plants has tangible as well as intangible benefits. Who knew that surrounding ourselves with things we love can make us feel happier?

Start your plant box today!

Whatever your style, whatever your plant needs, we're ready to create a truly rewarding plant experience for you! Join today and start enjoying the beauty and benefits plants bring into the world!