About Us

We are gardeners, friends, and family, we believe in sharing the beauty of plants. We work hard and get dirty often, but at the root of it all, we are plant lovers. 

So Who Are We?

 We’re just your neighborhood group of growers, crafters, and artists who wanted do something we’re sincerely passionate about. Plants! But it’s way more than that. We honestly live and breath plants here and some of us probably even dream about them too.  

But Why?

Well, we actually started making these boxes as gifts for our family and friends because we wanted more people who would talk plants with us. You see, we’ve been avid plant collectors for years now and understand the struggle of not having all the components or info needed to care for that awesome new plant you just got. So we wanted to help relieve you of all the guess work.

Not only do our boxes feature some of today’s trendiest house plants but we make sure you have all the fixings needed to repot your plant, care for it, and we’ll even tell you just how to do it. Plus, we’ll deliver it right to your door. On top of it all, we just wanted members of all experience levels to feel the thrill of growing success. 

“A new leaf? I’m a Green Goddess!!!”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new plant parent or everyone’s go-to for tips. Honestly! You don't have to be a master gardener. Though we promise they love it too. Yes, even “crazy” plant people like us need a bit of direction sometimes. 

So whether you’re as obsessed as we are, can’t ever find the time for self-care (which we all desperately need), or don’t know what to get for that hard to buy for person, the answer is definitely plants and we’ve got your back. We’re all just thankful a plant box subscription isn’t the type of membership that requires us to go to the gym. So we hear you; we see you; we feel you. Trust us… We’re right here with you. We’re all in this together and we’re here to keep that plant mail coming! 

Are you ready for plants?


Help you breathe better

Having plants around you, especially indoors helps improve the air quality. Plants help reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen levels in the air. They also help increase humidity, reduce levels of pollutants in the air, reduce airborne dust levels and keep air temperatures down, all of which help us breathe better. 

Help you focus

There's just something about having plants around us. People in offices with an interior garden or green space are found to be more productive and take fewer sick days. Studies have shown that having plants around us or being outside in nature helps to increase focus and concentration and boost memory.  

Make you happier

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things, or things you love naturally improves your mood. Perhaps having something to take care of such as a small plant, and seeing it grow and bloom positively affects our overall well-being. Whatever the reason, caring for plants has tangible as well as intangible benefits. Who knew that surrounding ourselves with things we love can make us feel happier?