Air Plant Box

 Three amazing premium air plants shipped directly to you every month!  The Air Plant Box includes a blend of specialty air plants like clumps, hybrids, rare specimens, and hard to find varieties.  Every box includes id cards and care instructions to ensure your air plants thrive in their new home. 

What are Air Plants?

Air plants seem almost otherworldly the way they can grow, well, just in air. Yep, no soil at all required. Plus their leaves can look like a bit like alien tentacles or like the appendages of an exotic sea creature.  


Home Decor

Because they don't need to grow in soil, air plants can be displayed in just about any way you can dream up. Wreaths, hanging mobiles, or in baskets and fun containers. Without much effort on your part, these plants can add fun, unique greenery to just about any space.  


Inspiring & celebrating the grower within each of us.

At the root of it all, we are plant people. We are 4th generation nursery growers and our love for plants is packaged into every box. As gardeners, growers, friends, and family, we believe in sharing our love for plants with everyone willing to dig in the dirt with us.