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Amaryllis 'Monte Carlo'


Product Description

Amaryllis Monte Carlo is a true rosy red amaryllis with a white star throat accented with kiwi brushes. It's a true holiday favorite, full of flashy color for a truly festive display. The shapely blooms and rich, iridescent colors of Amaryllis light up a cold day like nothing else we know. We carefully prepare these tropical bulbs so they require only warm temperatures, attention to watering, and bright light to deliver a truly spectacular performance, a process that is great fun to watch! To get the most out of your Amaryllis, keep the growing medium on the dry side until you start to see new growth emerging. Attractively packaged with jumbo bulb, container (will vary slightly in shape and color), topper, and complete growing instructions. Height: 18-24" in bloom Bloom Time: Winter, 6 - 10 weeks after planting Packaged: 1 bag with 1 jumbo bulb (34/36 cm size circumference) usually results in 3 stems with 4-5 flowers per stem Ships: Ready to ship late-November until sold-out

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